ALIA Tour to U2, Perth

Posted on Thursday, November 25th, 2010


U2 will start touring the country next month with their much hyped 360° tour. With a cylindrical video system of interlocking LED panels, and a steel structure rising 150 feet from the floor over a massive stage with rotating bridges, the band has truly created an intimate 360º experience for concert goers. Long-time U2 Show Director Willie Williams has worked again with architect Mark Fisher (ZooTV, PopMart, Elevation and Vertigo), to create an innovative 360 design, which affords an unobstructed view for the audience.

Lighting director Ethan Weber has kindly agreed to conduct a tour of the lighting rig (designed by Willie Williams) on December 19th in Perth.

Lighting includes 197 x PRG Bad Boys, 156 x Martin Atomics w/ color changers, 8 x Big Lights, 7 x Nova Flowers, 7 x 4K Gladiators, 12 x Lucian M2’s, 5 x custom 6K HMI ‘Ripple Drums’, 498 x Scenic DWE’s, 29 x Red Bulkheads, 35 x 400w Tamlight Sodiums, 13 x Base Hazer smoke machines, 8 x Jem Roadie Extreme smoke machines and 14 x Stadium Hazers, and a bunch of scenic LEDs. Control is all grandMA2 x Full Size for main system, 2 x Lites for LEDs and smoke.

Date: Sunday, December 19th
Time: 2pm
Where: Patersons Stadium (formerly Subiaco Oval)

Read an article on the U2 360° show here

Download a 4Mb PDF of the lighting plot here

If you would like to attend this tour, please read the ALIA Tour Protocol, then email your name, and mobile phone number to