ZZ Creative ring in the New Year

Posted on Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

The 2016 NYE Sydney show was taken care of by Ziggy Ziegler of ZZ Creative with lots of Lightsky AquaBeams and custom LED bridge effects, units totaling about 175 lights on the bridge.

“They were all provided, installed and maintained by the wonderful talented people at 32 Hundred Lighting,” said Ziggy. “We worked together with Forch and his family at Foti as well, very closely to get the bridge to shine brightly this year.”

Total number of fixtures on bridge and foreshore was around 900 plus hundreds of metres of festoon on top of that. Fixtures on the foreshore included Claypaky and Martin fixtures with a lot of K20 B-Eyes and Mythos featuring amongst ETC generic fixtures and hundreds of happy tubes. Lots of smoke machines and strobe lights also featured across the foreshore.

Seven MA Lighting MA2 consoles and one Chamsys console were used along with an immense amount of networking and time code gear including 1500m of fibre data network cabling to link it all.

Concepts featured power analysis to choose the most effective lights whilst minimising power draw. LED lights featured heavily in the design.

Iain Reed, Joe Cox and Martin Bevz headed up an amazing team of people at 32 Hundred Lighting who were a pleasure to work with, according to Ziggy.

Some very talented lighting directors collaborated to make this all work including Matt Tunchon, Ben Ronczka, Greg Kershaw and Baz Barrett.

The creative team was Imagination.