Zero 88 Launches ORB Console

Posted on Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

Extensive market research and customer feedback has driven the design of the Orb. The ZerOS software suite which underlies the Orb’s operating system has been tried and tested in leading entertainment controllers, the Leap Frog and Frog 2. The ZerOS software has now been adapted to meet the stringent requirements of theatrical lighting designers and programmers in the 21st Century.

The 2048 DMX control channels offered by the Orb allows users to control multiple LED fittings, intelligent lights or media servers controlling video, as well as the standard generic dimming systems common to theatres and television. All of these devices are programmed through intuitive user interfaces incorporating custom designed encoder wheels, multiple playback stacks, user definable keys and optional touch screens.

Programming is via a numeric keypad using standard, familiar industry style syntax. Tools like the integrated track ball, automatic palettes and syntax keys, allow for speedy programming when used by a seasoned lighting operator.

The graphical user interface on the dual monitors provides tools to allow anyone to quickly select and program colours via the colour picker or gobos via the gobo image display. User definable screen views mean operators can set the graphical user interface up to meet their own specific needs.

The power of the ZerOS system allows users of the ORB to make dynamic ‘on the fly’ changes to a show, provides advanced tracking updates and enables the creation of powerful effects via the intuitive effects engine with over 40 effect foundations to build on.

Fixture swap out to any of the internal fixture library of 1900 fixtures make the desk ideal for touring shows or updating of long running shows to newer fixtures.

There are 1000 cue stacks of 1000 cues and two theatre style playback masters adding conventional A/B crossfading for users preferring this operating methodology.

Show files can be cross-loaded between the Leap Frog 48 & 96 and Frog 2 lighting consoles

Industry standard Ethernet protocols and 5 pin XLR connectors gives flexibility in selecting DMX output options. Ethernet support for all common visualisation software packages is standard. By adding a suitable Wireless Access Point and Windows Mobile device running free ZerOS software, the desk can support a wireless remote for channel and syntax control. A free Off Line Editor is also available from the Zero 88 website.

Australian distributor: Clearlight Shows