Zero 88 launch Phantom Jester

Posted on Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Designed to aid with both pre-programming and training, Phantom Jester allows users to manipulate an emulated desk on their PC and view the monitor outputs without a real desk. Show files can then be interchanged with the desk using a standard USB memory stick, for true offline programming. Every software function of the desk is emulated including Online Help and a front panel mimic allows you to interact with the software in real time. Beginners can benefit from the ability to learn the desk from the comfort of their home, whilst more experienced users can make use of the time prior to a production to enter patch information, build fixture palettes or even pre-program the entire show using the familiar user interface.

The launch of Phantom Jester coincides with the production release of version 2 software for the Jester ML range which includes additional pages of submasters, improved DMX In capabilities and improved monitor screens. A maintenance release for the Jester range (version 3.1) has also been made available. Due to the significant changes in code, show files built on versions of the ML software prior to version 2 are not compatible with version 2 software.

Phantom Jester, Jester version 3.1 and Jester ML version 2 can all be downloaded from the Zero 88 website.

Australian Distributor: Clearlight Shows