XCOLOUR-LED It’s Bright and Colourful

Posted on Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

The XCOLORLED is a versatile and compact spot-light bringing you a world of possibilities in colour projection. With output comparable to a 250W halogen and full DMX control the fixture is a lightweight alternative to heavier less functional incandescent lights.

Big circles of vibrant primary colour are able to bathe a performer or stage area and cut straight through ambient lighting even when fog use is limited. There’s very little heat generated and no duty cycles so the fixture can run all night long. A 4 button menu system with LED display makes the XCOLORLED easy to navigate especially when working in low light.

Applications include shining on larger sized mirrorballs for a superior centerpiece effect, hang from truss to provide colourful spotlights for members of a stage troupe, set in strobe function in time with the bass drum for a pulsing effect for a DJ gig, or run sound active behind a drummer for some moody back-lighting of a rock band. For any serious operator on the go, these fixtures not only offer high output and hands on control but only weigh 2.4 kgs.

Lamp life is rated at 50,000 hours and you can run heaps of them on a 240v circuit. Razor sharp beams and no ongoing lamp costs make the XCOLORLED a cost effective means to create stunning bursts of saturated colour, far superceding standard par projectors.

With a recommended retail price of $599 this vauable and versatile asset will pay for itself in no time.

Enquiries and reseller enquiries to sales@industrygear.com.au.