X-Rebel Par LED

Posted on Monday, August 25th, 2008

The Rebel Par is the second product that has been released using Rebel LED technology. While the Rebel Module is designed for architectural use, the Rebel Par is designed for the theatre and television market.

36 pieces of Rebel 1 Watt LEDs in combination with 25 degree lenses provide very strong light intensities in 16.7 million colours. The Rebel Par provides large advantages for the television and theatre market due to the long lifespan LED chip, direct DMX control, low energy consumption (50w) and RGB colour mixing.

With an integrated power supply and DMX unit, it can be used much like par lighting. With its robust casing and supplied brackets, the Rebel Par is the ideal replacement for Par cans or traditional scans.

On the backside of the Rebel Par, users can set the correct DMX address, or select one of 10 standard programs. Furthermore, it has an IP65 rating, making it possible to use this product in outdoor venues.