wysiwyg R26 Now Available for Members Only

Posted on Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

CAST Software Ltd.of Toronto, Canada announces the release of wysiwyg R26, for Members ONLY, the latest and greatest in plotting and previsualization software. While CAST continues to push the leading edge of technology – for which it is renowned – it has also taken stock to make sure that your foundation is solid and delivers what you need. So what is R26: an overhauled and much stronger foundation plus some impressive innovation.

 wysiwygR26 is really virtually real, and this is a fact. R26 has been designed to give the user a better experience on many planes – with a heavy emphasis on Reports and Presentation.

New features in wysiwyg R26 include:
Worksheets: Import/Export data from Excel (97,2000,2003,2007) & CSV
Over 100 onboard spreadsheet calculations
SmartCells: Use PRES Mode’s new SmartCells to intelligently update your show data in both Reports and Worksheets
Dimensions: Create clear & concise plots with the new radial and arc length dimension tools
Frames simulate motion in Six Degrees of Freedom
Reports: Improved Reports tab makes it easier to create, customize, and maintain all of your show’s vital information; Intelligent data filtering using Boolean queries
Luminair App for iPad: A no-brainer for every production set; Download fixture POV and DMX data to your iPod and now to your iPad

R26 gives the user a solid platform of spreadsheet tools, improving the data experience for the user and improving efficiency in creating paperwork. R26 is also the international debut of some new essential dimensioning tools – radial dimensioning, arc length, and a new Protractor Tool. CAST software development has also made developments in the virtual environment, adding the ability to use the 3Dconnexion mouse for true 3D flyovers on 6 Degrees of Freedom – X, Y, Z, and Pitch, Roll, and Yaw.

wysiwyg R26 and the 3D mouse from 3DConnexion

R26 now has the ability to put the User directly into digital space with the 3Dconnexion mouse, using all of the 6 Degrees of Freedom.3Dconnexion is a subsidiary of Logitech, headquartered in Fremont, California with European headquarters in Munich, Germany and offices worldwide. With this unique 3D mouse users can pan, zoom and rotate as if they’re holding the model in their hand. It’s a level of control that’s simply not possible with a traditional mouse and keyboard. Users can also operate cameras with this new powerful addition to wysiwyg, focus conventional fixtures, and create amazing flybys as well as switch camera views and create a live motion video – capturing it all with wysiwyg’sonboard CamStudio package.

The 3Dconnexion connectivity feature turns an already outstanding product and gives it wings to fly – so users can now truly interface with the digital world on a level not seen before in lighting design program packages. CAST has upgraded the User experience, increasing productivity, creativity, and potential. With the 3Dconnexion mouse in one hand and a normal keyboard/mouse combination on the other hand, usersare truly enabled to fly through their design.

Featured Library Additions

Members will also be pleased with the Library Additions included with R26. In fact, the wysiwygLibrary is bigger than ever.wysiwygR26 includes loads of hot new fixtures and the truss, gobos and accessories needed to do a show right. R26 introduces the Coemar Infinity Spot M, Coemar Reflection, GLP Impression Meisterstück, Robe ColorSpot 1200E AT Profile, Martin MAC 101 (Preliminary), Clay PakySharpy (Preliminary) and more. Over 65 new fixtures, 165 Gobos and 71 Truss pieces have been added. 

For information about wysiwygor to download R26, visit www.cast-soft.com.