Wybron Cygnus VN100

Posted on Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

When it comes to the Cygnus™ VN100, it’s all about efficiency, brightness, colour, options, and quality.

Consuming only 100 watts at its peak, the VN100 offers unparalleled energy efficiency, eclipsing competing LED fixtures and incandescents. It’s astoundingly bright — up to five times as bright as comparable products. Its lifespan is also longer than most — 60,000 hours or almost seven years of continuous use — making it a smart choice for those conscious of the environment and their budgets.

Those who crave vibrant hues and near-limitless options will love this luminaire’s in-lens colour mixing, a rarity in the market. Input the R, G and B values of your choice and watch the VN100 produce a colour that maintains, even as it dims. Hate being caged in? Access to four individual colour channels (RGBW) gives users billions of colour choices. And forget tolerating the multicolored shadows of other LED fixtures. The VN100 provides bright, clean, crisp colour.

But it’s not just colour and brightness that we do well. The VN100’s rich, realistic whites have a CRI as high as 92. Better yet, this luminaire allows users to alter its color temperature to match incandescents all the way through daylight and beyond — from 2,000° K to 7,500° K.

Whatever the colour choice, the VN100 will provide an intense display with gradual dimming. This luminaire has an amazing true-dimming ratio of over 200,000:1 — 8 or 16 bits, your choice. The list of features goes on — a standalone mode with an 8-look memory, master/slave capabilities, strobe mode, built-in colour chases, and optional diffuser lenses that make it easy to spread a beam.

Those working with video will be thrilled to learn that the Cygnus VN100 is flicker free and has a built-in high-speed mode for those needing to use ultra-short shutter times.

Autsralian Distributor: Barbizon www.barbizon.com