Woohah treat themselves to Clay Paky A.Leda Wash K.10 fixtures

Posted on Friday, February 15th, 2013

Melbourne’s Woohah Productions rewarded themselves with an extra special Christmas present in December – eight of the new Clay Paky A.Leda Wash K.10 moving yoke LED fixtures.

A.Leda Wash K.10 is the mid-range model in the A.Leda Series – the first professional Clay Paky fixtures to use LEDs as light sources. It offers a valid alternative to discharge lamp washlights, adding all the benefits of LED technology: low energy consumption, long light source life, small size, light weight and robustness.

“We had been wanting to purchase some moving LED wash fixtures for about a year but nothing really ticked all the boxes for us until the we saw the Clay Paky A.Leda Wash K.10,” said Arosh Fernando, managing director of Woohah Productions. ” The output is really great and they are very fast. We’ve been really happy with them.”

A.Leda Wash K.10 is fitted with multicolor RGBW LEDs that produce a full range of vivid colours as well as excellent shades of white. It is also equipped with a motorised and fully controllable 14°-70° electronic zoom.

“The fact that the LEDs are RGBW is really nice and the CTC colour correction in them is awesome,” remarked Arosh. “The boys have been comparing them against a fresnel and once they are up in the air, you can’t tell the difference.”

Each colour of each LED may be controlled separately: this unique feature not only allows you to create an endless range of colour variations, but also to use each LED of the array as a pixel in order to draw all kinds of graphic images that change dynamically both in shape and colour.

“My guys love the ability to have individual pixel control,” commented Arosh. “It’s a key selling point because you can do so much with it. You can have the A.Leda Wash K.10 as a washlight but you can also put it on a backline and use it for eye candy. There are a couple of other fixtures on the market that can do that but Clay Paky brings it to a whole new level.”

To ease operation, the light has a library of pre-programmed graphic effects, which operators may customise by changing each parameter: intensity of each colour, speed of change, etc.

“The Clay Paky A.Leda Wash K.10’s are great on a smaller level too so if you don’t want to use over 100 channels on the fixtures you can run cool eye candy effects on 30 channels with the inbuilt effects,” added Arosh.