WooHah rate the Pro Shop LED Tricolour as the best

Posted on Wednesday, November 4th, 2009


WooHah Productions of Victoria has been steadily increasing its’ inventory of Pro Shop LED Tricolour fixtures since their first purchase of eight units.

“We decided then that they were the best lights going around!” remarked managing director Arosh Fernando. “We now have twenty-four and have also specified quite a few for an upcoming installation. They’re just such a versatile light for what we do; we use them for weddings, theatre, major tours.”

Arosh also runs a mobile DJ company and he finds that with the Pro Shop LED Tricolours he can do quite a bit of successful up-selling to his clients.

“I tell them I can do their reception centres all in one colour to, for example, to match the bridesmaid’s dresses,” he says. “Because you can control the RGB output you can match colours really well. People will spend an extra amount for these lights especially as they can easily visualise the effect. At a 21st birthday party, instead of spending $500 on balloons, you can decorate an entire room with light. The clients just love them.”

Arosh also finds the low power consumption of the units to be a big drawcard as he can plug up to sixteen units into one circuit.

“I have found that the saturated colours such as your deep blues, reds and greens are actually brighter than a 1000 watt can!”