WooHah Goes X?Qlusive

Posted on Monday, May 11th, 2009

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WooHah Productions was called upon for the Dutch DJs SHOWTEK show at festival Hall in Melbourne December 2008, providing the lighting production for the entire event including the side rooms. The original lighting design done by Chromatic was designed for Horden Pavilion in Sydney. “We took the design and changed the rigging to fit into the Festival Hall requirements, but still trying to keep to the original design and quantity.” Stated Arosh Fernando, production manager for the event.

The rig consisted of 36 x Mac 700 profiles, 18 x Mac 2k washes, 16 x Atomic strobes with scrollers, 16 x 2?way blinders and 8 x Pro LED 64 Tri Colour cans all controlled off full size Grand MA for the main room. Side room included 8 x Mac250 Entours and 8 x Pro LED 64 Tri Colour controlled off Jands Hog 1k.

“Martin gear was chosen for its reliability and value for money and that’s exactly the result we got, we had very happy client at the end of the show.” Confirmed Arosh.

Chad Spencer operated the lights with Andrew Killengray as assistant and system tech. WooHah production technicians Brad Watson and Chris Mantel were part of the team to make this event happen. Resolution X and Phaseshift Productions were also called to upon to fulfill the requirements for this rig.

For a short video of the show go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9JrJ1?R5Q8