Wolfmother calls for Clarity

Posted on Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

LSC’s Clarity is the console of choice for Lighting Designer Dave Haus, for the current Wolfmother “New Moon Rising” world tour.

Haus and his company Prodigy Lighting Design are based in Maryland USA. He is a lighting designer and programmer and owns a number of his own consoles. He came across Clarity last year whilst programming a live TV broadcast in Colorado, USA where Clarity was part of the house rig.

“I found it to be very intuitive and easy to program” comments Haus. “So much so that after the gig I immediately contacted the USA distributor Applied Electronics and purchased my very own VX20 Wing and software”.

On arriving in the Europe with the Wolfmother Tour, Clarity continued to be a real time saver for Haus when he was faced with combining their touring fixtures with the local house rigs.

He went on to say, “Clarity’s easy patching and powerful cloning functionality really works well – turning up at a different venue each night we’d have the rig patched and ready to go in no time at all. It is an extremely versatile and powerful console”

Wolfmother, now on the final leg of their world tour are in Australia where they will be opening for the phenomenal AC/DC Black Ice World Tour.

LSC Clarity is truly feature packed and offers seamless integrated control of any type of light on a stage be they PAR cans, LEDs, moving fixtures, Scrollers, LED matrix walls and even Media Servers.