Wireless Solution Launches W-DMX™ BlackBox MK2

Posted on Monday, October 17th, 2011

Wireless Solution Sweden AB announces the latest addition to the G4 line, the W-DMX™ BlackBox MK2, launched during PLASA and shipping Q4 2011.

The BlackBox MK2 contains all of the groundbreaking features of the G4 line including the ability to repair corrupted data creating maximum security by running on dual band (2.4GHz and 5.8GHz) as well as creating a backup duplicate of the signal.

New features in the MK2 include:

  • Built in Quick Lock
  • DIN RAIL prepared, rack and truss mountable
  • Both 5-Pin and 3-Pin DMX Connectors for both IN and OUT
  • Built-in RDM Controller supporting RDM by Cable and Wireless together
  • Updated with Neutrik Ethercon
  • Updated to Neutrik Powercon
  • All F-2 models with embedded Ethernet PCB with support of s/ACN and Art-Net II/III

There is no wireless box on the market that offers all of the above, and Wireless Solution comes at a price that is 40% less than the competition and made in Sweden.

Like all products on the G4 product line, the MK2 includes Adaptive Frequency Hopping technology that scans the spectrum automatically to avoid interference from Wi-fi, Intercom and other radio products, W-DMX invisi-wire and data-safe technologies for unparalleled fidelity, and support for RDM (Remote Device Management) so W-DMX units and lighting fixtures connected through W-DMX can be configured remotely with no fuss or cables. The W-DMX G4 range of products also has the highest output power available today, with up to 600mW on 2.45GHz and 800mW on 5.8GHz.

While RDM may not be available in all countries without a license (which applies to all manufacturers) Wireless Solution has a signed agreement to offer wireless RDM for sales in the United States. W-DMX™ G4 is covered by U.S. Patent #7,432,803, which covers Wireless Solution and its distributors as well as W-DMX OEM Clients. Using wireless RDM products without this license can run a monetary risk.

Wireless Solution CEO Niclas Arvidsson says, “We have listened to our customers – which features they request and which are most important and we have incorporated these suggestions into this new version of the BlackBox Series. The MK2 is a direct result of responding to this feedback. Wireless Solution is a lighting company with a solid knowledge of radio technology, not a radio company trying to understand the needs of lighting technicians. I think it’s important to truly know the passion of lighting to deliver quality products.”

Australian Distributor: ULA Group www.ulagroup.com