What’s On The Opera House for the Vivid festival

Posted on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

If you can’t make it to Sydney for the Vivid Festival you can at least get an idea of what Australian designers The Spinifex Group are doing with projection on the Sydney Opera House sails this year.

Their 15 minute show, entitled Play begins with a Play button, that launches into a restless journey through various style and genres, as it moves seamlessly from one scene to the next, exploring a distinctive mix of iconic and striking scenes, blended with vibrant and graceful movement. This energetic, daring, and delightful play between art and architecture will hopefully touch the hearts of Sydney Siders and reflect what Vivid is all about.

This work by Spinifex is one of four installations that the agency is producing during the 2013 VIVID festival.

You can watch the video in full on the Spinifex Youtube Channel.

Presently uploaded to the channel are :

  • The Sydney Opera House projection in full
  • A short version of the Opera projection
  • A short version of the Museum of Contemporary Art projection