W-DMX Shows Generation 4

Posted on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Wireless Solution Sweden AB is unveiling W-DMX Generation 4 this week.

Wireless Solution has always claimed to be as good as cable. Now we can say with full conviction that for the first time, it’s better. Unlike any cable, the new G4 BlackBox is able to repair corrupted data and vouches for maximum security by running on dual band and creating a backup duplicate of the signal. This new standard is transparent and works with several protocols, creating extreme flexibility and reliability without need for additional controllers or software.

The new G4 product line brings innovative new features to the award-winning W-DMX line of products, including Adaptive Frequency Hopping technology for peace of mind when using other radio products, W-DMX invisi-wire and data-safe technologies for unparalleled fidelity, and support of RDM so units can be configured remotely with no fuss or cables. W-DMX G4 is the only product on the market to support the 5.8GHz band, ensuring that even if the 2.4GHz band becomes too crowded with other users, the user’s lighting control remains rock solid.

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution says, “Just remember these points: It’s a dual band BlackBox; Immense flexibility for the user; The only Dual band Wireless lighting control with 2.4 and 5.8 to ensure interference-free use; Error correction of data, which re-creates data that might get “broken”; plus RDM and Ethernet support. It really is better than cable.”

W-DMX G4 contains the following key features:

W-DMX Dual Band
Today, the 2.4GHz frequency band is becoming more and more crowded. To combat this, Wireless Solution has created the industry’s first dual band system. W-DMX Dual Band allows DMX and RDM data to be transmitted on the 2.4GHz and the less congested 5.8GHz frequency band at the same time. This together with Adaptive Frequency Hopping that automatically avoids frequencies that are already in use makes W-DMX a superior technology for wireless lighting control.

W-DMX Data-safe
W-DMX data-safe technology protects the user’s DMX and RDM data from corruption in the air. Using tough checks, and W-DMX’s patented method of error correction, W-DMX corrects any corrupted data before it gets to the lighting equipment, resulting in a flicker free show.

W-DMX supports a full range of Ethernet protocols associated with the lighting industry. Out of the box, it supports not only Art-Net, Streaming ACN and ETC-NET, but will be updateable in the future with more protocols. W-DMX Invisi-wire
W-DMX G4 recreates the DMX signal at the end of its wireless link so accurately that it is the industry’s true wireless replacement for a wire. DMX frame characteristics such as the break, mark after break, inter slot timings and slot count parameters are recreated exactly as they came in at the transmitter side. The result is a Wireless system with the highest fidelity of any product on the market today.

Adaptive Frequency Hopping
W-DMX adapts its radio transmission automatically depending on current radio traffic on both the 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands, an industry first, ensuring transmission is conducted interference free not only for W-DMX systems, but for other radio systems in the vicinity as well. In short, W-DMX will not be interfered with, or cause interference with other radio systems, resulting in true co-existence.

W-DMX Generation IV is patent pending for the unique features of Adaptive Frequency Hopping with Dual Band and Data-safe technology.

W-DMX supports RDM out of the box, allowing not only the W-DMX system to be configured by any available RDM controller, but also providing the controller with access to any RDM devices downstream of any compatible RDM enabled W-DMX receiver. W-DMX takes RDM one step further and has added several manufacturer specific RDM commands to make wireless lighting control easy to use and quick to configure, even if the transmitter or receiver is located remotely. W-DMX brings RDM the extra mile.

W-DMX One-Button-2-Go
Wireless Solutions proprietary One-Button-2-Go technology makes wireless control as easy as counting to three. All W-DMX features are fully automated, allowing the system to select the best operating characteristics automatically, all with a push of the single red function button on the front of every W-DMX unit. Of course, all these advanced settings are available for manual configuration through W-DMX configuration dongle, or through the company’s RDM interface to allow for advanced set-up and customization of the units.

W-DMX G4 Range
Will be available in four different lines. The ‘BlackBox’ line contains W-DMX’s standard transmitters and receivers for temporary installation and rental applications. The IP65 rated ‘Installation’ line contains products targeted for the toughest demands of outdoor installations and for fixed installation indoor. The ‘Microbox’ line is ideal for cost conscious users and clients who need small and flexible products for temporary or fixed installation. Last, but not least is the ‘PRObox’ line, containing features fit for the demanding lighting professional, including a 19″ rack mount case with LCD Display and many advanced features.

Multipoint to Multipoint
W-DMX G4 transmitters can connect as to as many W-DMX G4 receivers as you wish, effectively working like a big, invisible wireless DMX splitter. Not only that, but for more universes, just add more W-DMX G4 transmitters for true multipoint to multipoint functionality.’PRObox’ line, containing features fit for the demanding lighting professional, including a 19″ rack mount case with LCD Display and many advanced features.

Australian Distributor: ULA www.ulagroup.com