Vuepix Creates a Visual Masterpiece

Posted on Thursday, March 19th, 2009

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The newest commercial office tower – the KPMG Building in Perth’s CBD, showcased one of the country’s finest visual artists during the Perth International Arts Festival. Clifton Productions Perth was contacted to supply and install 160 Vuepix P25 screens as part of the digital art piece designed by renowned artist Daniel von Sturmer.

The Perth International Arts Festival is the oldest annual international multi-arts festival in the southern hemisphere and annually offers some of the world’s best theatre, music, film, visual arts, street arts, literature and free community events. No single art genre, concert, performance or exhibition series can cover the breadth of intellectual and imaginative territory of the Perth Festival, nor reach as broadly into the community.

For two generations of locals, summer in Perth without the Festival is simply unimaginable. For over 50 years the Festival has welcomed to Perth some of the world’s greatest artists. The three-week long Festival, in February of each year, attracts more than 300,000 patrons to events in Perth as well as in the Great Southern region.

In this occasion, it was a special opportunity to see a new commission by one of Australia’s most exciting multimedia contemporary artists, Daniel von Sturmer. Daniel produced a major digital visual piece of art showing his renowned inventive interventions with space, architecture and visual phenomena. This was his first public work in the City of Perth.

Managing Director Ed Matthews said “The reason the KMPG building was chosen is not only because the building is owned by the Hawaiian Group, a major sponsor of the Festival, the building was actually in a perfect position to target Kings Park and Perth’s busiest freeway – the Kwinana/Mitchell Freeway.

The Vuepix screen was installed for 2.5 weeks running from 8am to midnight for those weeks. Ed said “during this whole period we had to swap only two panels. Even after extreme weather conditions from 43 degree days to storms rolling in off the Indian ocean, the screen performed exceptionally well”

The Vuepix P25 screens enable you to redefine the imaging landscape and customized LED video screens and curtains to your specifications. The VuePix range of LED video solutions incorporates indoor and outdoor LED video screens and LED mesh, making this one of the most versatile LED video ranges on the market.

With numerous successful projects to credit, Clifton Productions Perth provide solutions to any size event from exhibitions to concerts using equipment of the highest calibre.