Vuepix and Robe Hit Global Gathering

Posted on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

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Vuepix and Robe were in action for the world renowned dance festival, Global Gathering.

The Global Gathering events, produced by Future Entertainment, hit Australia with a bang with shows taking place in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Australia wide lighting was supplied by Clifton Productions.

Known internationally for their large arenas, huge light shows and state of the art sound systems, each Global Gathering event is a huge event of up to 20,000 dance and electronica enthusiasts watching performances from an impressive line of local and international DJ’s including Sasha, Above & Beyond, Mark Ronson, Kraftwerk, Felix the House Cat and many more.

On the Main Stage, an Avolites D4 console along with 33 Robe ColorSpot 1200AT were used in total, which was all operated by Mark Ronson’s Lighting Designer. The floor had band risers lined with the Vuepix screen. 1 by 8 panels, 1 by 4 panels raised up, 2 by 4 panels and 1 by 4 panels.

The upstage truss had 5 Robe ColorWash 1200AT on dropped bars situated just above each Vuepix P25 screen. While 5 Robe ColorWash 1200AT were on the floor of the stage between each screen to shine through the band riser screens and up light a red curtain along with the full backdrop worth of Thomas Pixellines. A further 6 Robe ColorWash 2500EAT, and 6 Robe ColorSpot 2500EAT were distributed across the audience trusses.

Visuals on this stage included 74 Vuepix P25 panel wall operated by Ben from Pilot Vision UK, who also created customised content – pixel for pixel to suit the layout of Vuepix on the tour. System Tech Matt Downs from Clifton Productions says “The desired show using the customised content was only achievable due to the set up process and mapping of Vuepix – scaling of the signal was not an option in this case so it was just not an option, as all of the screens were controlled off just one output from Ben. Each individual finger of the screen or band risers could play anything required. Once set up, the system allowed the custom content to be played through all the screens or just selected screens, they could even be triggered from the audio signal.”

On the Ministry of Sound Stage, all fixtures were hung on truss above the stage. 14 Robe ColorWash 700AT and 12 Robe ColorSpot 700AT were used as the stage rig plus extra’s spread around as room fillers. This was the rig to suit Gorillaz Sound System & the German forfathers of electronica, Kraftwerk. Control was via a GrandMA and a Hog II PC. The Krafwerk’s show included 5 robotic dj’s for the hit ROBOT which also included the use of a stage wide projection screen as a backdrop and at times even a full stage wide projection screen at the front of the stage. Gorillaz Sound System had their visual spectacular show with 12+ projection & slide projectors spread throughout the entire room.

In Sydney the Royal Hall of Industries formed the home for the God’s Kitchen Stage, housing 9 Robe ColorWash 700AT rigged on the legs of the stage and truss verticals, all controlled by a GrandMA LITE. Not only was this a visual feast with pyramid shaped trusses on stage, but a zigzag truss running down the middle of the entire room – with moving lights, LED toners and strobes throughout. On the stage rig also included iLED star drapes for an effective ‘sky’ backdrop.

The Fan Klub Stage featured 3 Robe ColorSpot 250AT, 6 Robe ColorWash 700AT and 2 Robe LED Blinder 192DT were used. These fixtures were top mounted on truss vertices and some fixtures placed on top of speaker stacks. A Hog 500 was used to control the lights and was pre-programmed by Matt Downs.

Matt said “Both Michael Parsons and myself followed the show up and down the east coast which included running the prep/set up, show transportation etc. The Robe fixtures performed great considering the wet weather we faced. It rained in every state at some point of the show, whether it was during set up, programming or the show day itself. They copped a hiding with the elements! There were some minor causalities, which only required a little air drying and sunlight and they were up and running in no time. All the LD’s were very happy with the performance and reliability of Robe and never expected to find these fixtures in Australia”.

Clifton Productions has the largest inventory of Robe rental stock in Australia. Robe, Vuepix and iLED are distributed in Australasia by ULA.