Vuepix 5.9mm LED Screen now available at EI Productions

Posted on Monday, August 7th, 2017

The convergence of lighting and LED video for tours and shows has been gaining momentum with touring LD’s now specifying almost as much video as lighting and they now have the ability to run both from lighting consoles.

EI Productions have made a decisive move to enhance our production capability for touring in this area with the addition of 90 x Panels of Vuepix ER5.9 LED screen and associated control + rigging gear.

It’s incredibly light weight (only 11kg per panel), easy + fast to rig and de-rig, super bright and cased for touring.

We now have enough Vuepix LED screen to make a 9m x 5m single screen (in 16:9) or several smaller screens or several medium sized screens for separate shows.

This adds to our existing Martin EC10 LED screen and 5k and 10k projectors, switchers, scalers and cameras.

We’ve just added 90 x Panels of Vuepix ER5.9 to our production / hire inventory and we’d be happy to supply some competitive LED screen / lighting / production quotes.

EI Productions