VuePix™ On Australian Idol

Posted on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009


The Technical Direction Company (TDC) has recently acquired several hundred VuePix™ P18 SMD LED mesh panels, with 60 of them going straight on this year’s Australian Idol 2009 series.

This years Australian Idol has totally been transformed with the ‘wow’ factor the VuePix ™ P18’s provide. Not only are the new VuePix™ P18 SMD LED mesh panels underneath the stage area, additional VuePix™ P25 RGB LED mesh panels are rigged on vertical curved truss around the stage. 8 vertical fingers have been created in a teared effect. Each P18 panel is 1552 x 576 mm, while the P25 panels are 600 x 600 mm. All graphics are run seamlessly through the screens simultaneously.

VuePix™ is known for its rich colours and modular design that allows amazing screen configurations and graphic reproduction. Whether creating video content or when graphic based material is used, VuePix™ delivers an impressive display output with maximum flexibility of use – which is a key for ‘live’ work when requirements change from act to act.

As the leader in the Australian video technology market and being constantly involved in prestigious live events around the nations, TDC has a commitment to providing high-end display technologies. TDC’s Managing Director Michael Hassett has invested heavily in VuePix™ LED mesh panels as an ideal solution for many applications, when his company is called on, particularly where LED panels are to cover very large areas.

For not only have TDC’s VuePix™ LED mesh panels been used on Australian Idol of late, they have been used on many high profiled events such as the ARIA Awards, MTV Awards, Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, numerous dance festivals, and on the 2009 NRL Grand Final Concert.