VuePix™ for C3 Church

Posted on Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

C3 Church is located on the north side of Brisbane and is a part of the C3 Church movement worldwide. C3 Church has close to 3000 members that attend regularly at many services connecting with the local community.

Music & Technical Director Steve Ryan was looking for a new addition to his lighting rig that brought the ‘Wow’ factor. Steve says, “ I took a trip with my sales rep from Brisbane Sound to
the ULA showroom on the Gold Coast to see a demonstration of the VuePix™ P25 LED mesh panels. The wow factor of these LED panels was definitely what we were looking for – they were just amazing and the effects that could be achieved with the software were outstanding! We immediately knew that these were exactly what we wanted”.

Steve said they were tossing up whether to use Plasma Screens scattered across the stage, a projection to the back wall or LED screens. Steve says – “After the demonstration we were sold that day”.

The VuePix™ display is classified as a part of the lighting rig and is used to run graphics through when there are performances on stage. The images projected on the panels whether they be abstract graphics, video footage, still pictures or text – all serve to enhance the atmosphere of a meeting combined with the use of lighting colours and movements.

Everyone’s first impression of the VuePix™ display was – ‘how impressive!’. Steve says “Everyone has loved the new VuePix™ addition to our lighting rig. We have several hundred people, both members of our church and general public hiring our venue using the facilities each week and without fail we have received comments on the ‘awesomeness’ of these LED mesh panels. We are really happy with this investment.”