Vista Up In Flames

Posted on Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics are creators, producers and providers of spectacular fireworks and special effects. A need arose for a DMX controller to control their flame system which shoots flames up in the air from 3 metres to 20 metres high.

”We needed a DMX controller to control each head, to turn them on and off so that we can create rapid movements of flame over great distances,” explained Stuart Bensley, Howard & Sons Display Designer. “We looked at pretty much everything available on the market before deciding upon a Jands Vista for control. The big thing for us was the timeline interface as we do things a little different to the way that lights are programmed. Vista was the only controller that offered us that. Once it’s programmed it’s very simple for an operator on site to use.”

The image shows the flame system in action on the 100th Big Day Out show.