Virtually Smokeless pyrotechnics from Le Maitre

Posted on Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Le Maitre have introduced a new range to their Prostage II brand of pyrotechnics. The “VS” – Virtually Smokeless range has the distinct advantage of a very low smoke output, greatly enhancing the resulting visual effect, says the company.

“We are absolutely delighted with the result” says Rick Wilson, sales director of Le Maitre. “The VS range is in line with our continuous strategy of introducing the best range of visually stunning pyrotechnics in the market. The drastically reduced smoke levels ensure that spectators get to see the effects at their very best”

“We have introduced three products to date – VS Flames, VS Flares and VS Starbursts, and there will be more to follow over the coming months”.

The VS Flares produce an intensely coloured 1-2ft flare that burns for a maximum duration of 30 seconds and are available in red, green, blue, purple, orange and yellow.

The VS Coloured Flames offer unrivalled vivid colour quality as well as much quicker smoke dispersion. The effect reaches a height of around 4-5ft lasting 2 to 3 seconds. The new stronger, deeper colours are available in red, green, blue, purple, and amber.

The VS Small Starbursts produce a semi-spherical burst of deeply coloured stars (radius 8 – 10ft), creating a firework shell style effect. They produce very little smoke and virtually no ash or cold fallout.

Colours available are red, green and blue.
Australian Distributor: ULA Group