Very Bright LED Mover in the Pipeline from High End

Posted on Monday, May 5th, 2008

High End Systems of Austin, Texas are currently previewing a video demonstrating Showpix, a new LED fixture conceived by product developer Richard Belliveau.

Showpix is a moving head fixture on the scale of HES’s Showgun, using 127 individually addressable 3 watt RGB LEDS.

The Showpix fixture has a built in graphics engine that controls all media playback, manipulation, etc. The fixture has a global layer and two media layers for full interaction. Many types of media can be imported via custom software that provides a visualization of how the content will appear in the fixture prior to uploading.

You can take a standard gif animation and upload it into the fixture where you can play it back or manipulate as you like.


1. Standard (pan/tilt, global and two media layers) 70 channels

2. RGB Reduced (pan/tilt, intensity, strobe, and RGB) 12 channels

3. Pixel Mapping (pan/tilt, intensity, strobe and individual control of the 127 LEDs) 390 channels

4. Enhanced (pan/tilt, global and two media layers and individual control of the 127 LEDs) 451 channels

According to HES, Showpix will be shipping “very soon” and more information will be posted on the HES site in the next few weeks.

The impressive demo video can be seen at <>

Source: ALIA news team / HES web site / HES Forums/ Blue-room Forums / LightNetwork Forums.