Vari*lites Are Star Struck

Posted on Friday, July 23rd, 2010


Star Struck is a live three hour variety spectacular presented by the Hunter Central Coast Region public schools. Held annually at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre, the show features a cast of over 3500 young people.

The 2010 production was lit by Mark Hammer with Bytecraft supplying all of the lighting and crew. The whole floor of the entertainment centre is used for the production, so Mark needed a lighting system that was versatile and delivered many different looks. A total of thirty-seven VL3000 Profile and thirty-seven VL3500 Wash helped him to do just that.

“The VL3000 Profiles are almost like the industry standard at the moment,” commented Mark. “They’re very bright, have a great range of gobos and some great onboard effects. For a production like Star Struck they were ideal as they could give me different looks on the floor. Also, with the VL3000 Profile you can get a good, hard edge to pick out certain areas or items.”

Mark was equally impressed by the performance of the VL3500 Washes which he describes as extremely powerful.

”I think they are the most powerful wash light I’ve ever used on one of these types of event,” he added. “They have great colours – as does the VL3000 – with the mixed colours and the colour wheels delivering fantastic results. Coverage, intensity and colour – it’s all there.”

Mark reports that the show’s producer John Deacon was absolutely blown away by the Vari*lites insisting that everyone in the arena came to see Mark programming.

”He noticed straight away the colour difference and the intensity of the light,” said Mark.