Vari*Lite VLX Chosen To Wash X Factor

Posted on Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

The X Factor is the hottest TV franchise around the globe with the second Australian series currently underway and drawing large audiences every week. The set and lighting for this series is very similar to the first series with a few exceptions such as the addition of twenty-eight Vari*Lite VLX LED wash lights.

“The VLX fixtures in the system replace the VL3500 wash and VL2000 wash fixtures that I used last year,” commented Ian Anderson, Production Lighting Director for the show. “There wasn’t a specific reason for choosing them this year other than I really just wanted to give them a go!”

This is the first time that Ian has used an LED source as one of the main workhorses in the rig and he is delighted with the result.

“The VLX fixtures provide the entire colour wash on the stage,” he explained. “They have been working very reliably and their responsiveness is spot on. In particular their zoom is very quick. The colours are comparable to any discharge fixture and for television there is more than enough grunt out the front.”

Ian has added City Theatrical top hats to the front of the VLX fixtures which help concentrate the beam.

“All LED fixtures that I have used on television have an annoying spill out the sides of the lenses so I have this habit of adding all the accessories possible to assist with this!” he said. “The lens on the front looks good on camera, not quite the same as my all time favourite the VL5 but still excellent.”

Ian notes that the weight and power consumption of the VLX has been a great help in the system design and he likes that they hang at the same height as all the other 1200w fixtures and blend in very well.

“I like the way that the VLX’s react the same way as the VL3000 spots we’re using,” he remarked. “It’s good that they look and feel like a big moving light and not a little poky one like some LED fixtures. I think they make a great pair of fixtures and we haven’t had any problems at all!”