Utopia goes laser crazy

Posted on Friday, May 11th, 2012

Saturday May 5th marked the 35th Utopia dance event in Sydney with Utopia Music Festival 2012 at Sydney Showground.

In keeping with the brief, BLM Production Services returned to the “Old Skool” look with lots of scaffold and plenty of laser.

Across two stages were:

12 x Design Spot 300 Pro
12 x XLED390
14 x Scan575XT
24 x LED PAR64
12 x 54w LED OptiPAR
2 x Design 400
8 x Atomic Strobe
4 x 1.4w Green Laser
8 x 750mW Green Laser
2 x 4w Colour Laser
2 x 2.5w Colour Laser
4 x Antari Fazer
4 x FT1500 Fogger
2 x HZ500 Hazer
2 x WholeHog III
2 x W-DMX Wireless DMX systems
Main Stage Lasers were controlled by Pangolin Quickshow
2nd Stage Lasers were controlled by DMX