Underbelly 3 Haze

Posted on Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

 The producers of Underbelly used the HZ400 in the series currently being screened on TV, ‘Underbelly – The Golden Mile’. The Antari HZ-400 is capable of producing very large quantities of haze both quickly and quietly, with fine translucence and long hanging time.

It’s a professional product that creates a more ‘pro’ look compared to standard fog. The fluid lasts considerably longer, 1 litre per 16 hours or 40 hours from a full tank, and is less likely to set off smoke alarms in venues. The hazer can be used in ballrooms or theatres where restrictions on fog use may apply, and with silent operation it is well suited for TV, film, theatre or any stage applications. The specially designed compressor used to disperse the haze is vibration free and operates with virtually no noise. These machines have been used in Hollywood movie productions such as X-Men Wolverine, so have found great favour in professional production duties.

The unit uses a mineral oil-based haze liquid and comes with an HC1 remote, featuring timer with interval, duration adjustment and manual on/off. Great for ‘set and forget’ operation. In addition with built-in DMX512, haze operation is readily controllable within your DMX chain. Profiles are easily available for lighting control software. The HZ-400 is equipped with an internal, maintenance-free air compressor, a sophisticated haze transfer mechanism and a specially designed liquid tank, all built to high quality standards. The warranty period is 12 months with Industry Gear service centers easily accessed around the country.

Antari HZ400 road cases are also available at a very realistic cost.

For dealer and sales enquiries please email sales@industrygear.com.au or call 02 9718 4900.