Ultra-Compact Martin MAC 101 Released

Posted on Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

The Martin MAC 101 is a remarkably small, super light and simple LED moving head wash light. It features a tight and very bright beam, rapid movement and calibrated colors with a low price tag that allows for revolutionary set, stage and decorative lighting designs.

Utilizing cost-efficient, high-volume production and featuring an ultra-compact design that promotes use in larger quantities, the MAC 101 is ideal for easy-to-produce, high-impact looks like large wall matrices or as a dynamic replacement for static PAR cans.

Even in smaller numbers the MAC 101 is a highly effective and versatile wash light, useful for visual effect in a wide variety of applications like concerts, events, exhibitions, clubs, television studios, bars, restaurants and more.

Imagine pixel mapping video content across a large video wall of MACs – each MAC 101 essentially a pixel in a dynamic graphic. Replace PAR cans with creativity and versatility – color, movement and beam effects that are dynamic instead of ordinary. Line a stage, truss, or set pieces with 101s for more creative looks or supplant walls of PAR cans for more dynamic washes of color that consume less power.

With superior power for such a small fixture (2200 lumens) and an exceptional lumen to price ratio, the MAC 101 provides plenty of bang on a tight budget, reports Martin Pro.

The MAC 101 projects a tight beam with a soft yet defined edge that is surprisingly bright for such a compact, energy-saving fixture. Beam angle is 13.5° with a wide angle diffuser available as an option for greater design possibilities.

A calibrated RGB color mixing system plus color wheel effect provides a full spectrum of color choices. The 101 is capable of smooth dimming from 0-100% and strobe effects such as pulse and random effects are possible.

Helped by its small size and exceptionally low weight, the MAC 101 is Martin’s fastest moving head ever, enabling it to reposition quickly or even follow a song’s beats per minute tempo.

With an attractive design and weighing in at just 3.7 kg (8.1 lb), the 101 can be rigged virtually anywhere or can easily be hidden away for more discrete looks.

The MAC 101 consumes a low 125 watts of power (0.6 A @ 230V / 1.2 A @ 110V), saving on energy and eliminating the need to run thick cables for big rigs.

Exceptionally easy to rig, power can be daisy chained between fixtures with PowerCon cables for less cable mess and hassle.

The MAC 101 provides all the benefits of LED technology like greater reliability, less maintenance and increased energy efficiency for a smaller carbon footprint and lower cost of ownership.

Made of durable materials, the MAC 101 meets Martin’s high standards for quality and reliability. A no-nonsense design with easy-to-access components makes for easy service and maintenance.

For complete protection and convenient transport, the MAC 101 is available in a durable, eight-unit flightcase.

 Australian Distributor: Show Technology www.showtech.com.au