ULA Group & Robe continue to support young Australian Talent

Posted on Thursday, May 16th, 2013

ULA Group together with Robe keeps supporting young Australian Performing Arts students and work closely with Australian Universities, Academies and Training centers to give their students the opportunity to experience the latest technology available on the market.

Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) is one of our partner institutions, which pay an extra attention and effort to train their students on the most advanced technology. In a move to keep up to date with the latest technology WAAPA has recently invested in the latest Robe DLS Profile Spots adding to their extensive stock of Robe intelligent luminaries, which are in constant use with the students of their Advanced Diploma of Live Production, Theater and Events (Lighting) course.

Tony Lukeman from the ULA Group worked closely with Jon Davey to specify the new fixtures for use in their 320-seat proscenium arch theatre, 200-seat music auditorium, two performance studios, outdoor amphitheatre and a 190 seat court-style theatre. After the careful consideration and seeing the fixtures in action at the ULA Summer Roadshow hosted by the State Theatre of Western Australia, they decided that the Robin DLS Profile fixtures – equipped with the world’s first point source RGBW LED module and a unique framing shutter system, were the best option for them. With an LED source life of 20,000 hours the fixtures can be used in a classroom environment for teaching as well as for WAAPA’s hectic production schedule without having to worry about ongoing lamp replacement costs and taking advantage of reduced power consumption, which relates directly to real dollar savings.

Jon Davey from WAAPA comments: “Having just completed our third round of shows with the new DLS profiles, the new units have really shown their value both in production and in training. The tremendous versatility of the DLS profile allows uses from a full stage wash to a tight area special. Framing shutters and animation wheel offer our students a level of complexity that greatly enhances their training. With the support of ULA and Robe, we have commenced re-furbishing our older ColorSpot and ColorWash units, a process which sees 3rd year students getting in depth experience in the field service and maintenance of Moving Heads, guided by fully qualified and endorsed service agents. WAAPA is firmly committed to training students in an industry focused, production based environment; it is with the engagement of companies like ULA and Robe that we maintain currency in an ever-changing world. Special thanks must go to Tony Lukeman and all those at ULA for their sound and un-biased advice.”

In addition to the Robin DLS Profiles ULA Group have supplied 12 Litecraft MultiPAR 12FCs for the in-house stock as well as a G4 W-DMX system and wireless dimming modules from RC4..

Cuono Biviano, Managing Director of ULA Group together with Josef Valchar, CEO of Robe lighting, visited WAAPA during their recent Perth trip. They took the opportunity to meet the students in person and thank Jon and his team for their continuous support and dedication to not only Robe, but the students of WAAPA and the performing arts industry.

Cuono Biviano comments: “We were extremely impressed by the quality of the facilities and the depth of the curriculum at WAAPA. It is refreshing to see that there is a college left in Australia where students, who have a genuine interest in the industry and can be educated and qualified and graduate industry ready. Once again I would like to thank to Jon and his team for their many years of support of Robe and look forward to the continuing years ahead.”

Every year, the WAAPA students, staff and critically acclaimed guest artists collaborate to present over 300 performances – more productions and more diversity than any other arts training institution in Australia. WAAPA is recognized both nationally and internationally for the quality of its graduates. The Campus provides the most comprehensive range of performing arts training in Australia and students can choose from a range of internationally recognized courses to realize their artistic ambitions.

WAAPA designers, arts management and production graduates are highly sought after and many hold influential positions across a wide range of performing arts companies, festivals, venues, film, television, major events, arts organizations and teaching institutions. Many well known actors, dancers, musicians and music theatre stars including Hugh Jackman, Frances O’Connor, Marcus Graham and William McInnes (amongst many others) called WAAPA home.

Photos: Jon Green, Jon Davey