Two Control Protocols Standards in Review for Reaffirmation

Posted on Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

ANSI E1.3, Entertainment Technology – Lighting Control Systems – 0 to 10V Analog Control Specification, and ANSI E1.27-1, Entertainment Technology-Standard for Portable Control Cables for Use with USITT DMX512/1990 and E1.11 (DMX512-A) Products, are announced as being in public review for reaffirmation from now through the end of February 2011. The intention of the Control Protocols Working Group at this time is to reaffirm the existing standards as they are, but this is, of course, contingent on any objections or comments that the public might offer. The public review forms are accessible at the first URL listed below.

 The standards themselves are being sold by The ESTA Foundation at their normal prices.

ANSI E1.3 describes a method of controlling equipment by means of an analog control voltage in the nominal range from zero to 10 volts positive. It is primarily intended for theatrical lighting controllers and controlled devices (e.g., dimmers), but any device could use this control method. E1.3 controllers are current-source devices. The committee proposes to reaffirm the existing standard, which was previously reaffirmed in 2006.

ANSI E1.27-1 is a standard for portable data cable used in USITT DMX512/1990 and ANSI E1.11-2004 lighting control systems. E1.27-1 standardizes the wiring of the data cable and requires labeling so single data-pair and dual data-pair cables can be distinguished from each other. The committee proposes to reaffirm the existing standard.