Twist & Turn

Posted on Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Contemporary architecture is trending toward more organic shapes. Compound curves are common and pose a difficult problem for any linear light source such as fluorescent tubes or Linear LED fixtures.

 Illumination Physics now provides a solution with ‘illumination Physics Twist and Turn’.

This high powered LED wash light is formed by a number of flexible modules connected by a special joint that allows strings of lights to be arranged to suite the radius of any curve (Turn). Each light can also be focused separately as they can rotate on their individual axis (Twist).

 This ability to adjust both the horizontal and vertical axis enables installers to light an array of curved features and columns whilst ensuring optimum lighting effects. Options incorporating this system are RGB versions, Mono colour versions and Combines WW & CW versions.

Twist and Turn modular construction allows us to customise the lengths to suit individual requirements and is rated for both indoor or outdoor use.