Turning on the Christmas Lights

Posted on Friday, January 15th, 2010

Clifton Productions Perth has continued their involvement with the City of Perth through event organiser Hamish McSporran from Spirit Productions with the – ‘2009 Turning on the Christmas Lights’, celebrating the beginning of Perth’s festival season.

The Festival of Christmas was launched mid November with the iconic ‘Turning on the Christmas Lights’ by Perth’s Lord Mayor, Lisa Scaffidi.

Cliftons Perth has recently taken delivery of another 180 x P25 VuePix LED mesh panels, with 123 panels being used as the main visual display on stage for the welcoming of Christmas. This large quantity of panels was split up to form 3 screens which were arranged in a semi-circle on curved truss.

Michael Wood from Cliftons Perth says, “This years event was themed around ‘Santa in Space’. The stage area was designed to create a futuristic spaceship look. The VuePix panels were arranged in 3 separate screens that could be run together or individually allowing different looks and backdrop images”.

Michael continues, “The VuePix panels were used for their versatility – ability to show video, still images and effects. The panels low weight allowed them to be hung from tri-truss ground support structure. The panels are able to be hung in a curved format rather than just being able to have a flat arrangement.”

In addition, four iLED Star Curtains were used behind the screens, with a quantity of LED Bank 108 HO fixtures on the truss to give a RGB LED colour changing effect.

8 x Robe ColorWash 1200ATs, 12 x Robe ColorSpot 1200ATs and 8 x Robe ColorSpot 700EATs were used for their high output to project and wash Christmas patterns against the Post Office building with bright colours. Michael says “We love using Robe products for their reliability and light intensity for use in large spaces like this one”.

“Overall the client and organiser of the event were very happy with the outcome, both Robe and VuePix products performed faultlessly”, says Michael.

Michael was also the Lighting Designer for the event, and concludes to say, “The versatility of the Robe and VuePix products allows the creative ideas to come together with relative ease, I really enjoyed working with these products”.