Tour Hazer II – Roadcased Hazemaker from Smoke Factory

Posted on Monday, February 9th, 2009

Smoke Factory is responsible for most innovations in the fog sector, such as DMX control, Water based Haze and low noise machines.

Made in Germany, variable haze output and fan speed utilizing the Latest processor technology. Flightcased for easy packing and transportation in a Laminated Amptown Flightcase with compartment for 5 litre fluid can. The Tour Hazer II creates a fine haze, filling the air with a perfect “Designer Mist” making the perfect environment for beam effects & moving light shows.

For the first time a complete fog system has been safety tested and BGV C1-approved by the authorities. The VBG (Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention) has tested the fog machines, the fluid and, finally, the result of the fogging process: the fog itself. Fogging tests have been undertaken under realistic circumstances with samples of the air taken and investigated in the laboratories. Result: both the tested Smoke Factory foggers and four different fog fluids can be used safely and with no danger to health, and this is documented and proved by the ‘BGV C1 tested safety’ logo of the VBG. Theatres, TV-stations and rental companies can now show their actors, audiences and clients that the fog system they use is safe and not dangerous to health. We all know that many people have prejudices regarding the use of fog, but as professionals we also know that there is no light show, no moving light or laser effect without fog or haze. The reputation of the BGV C 1-certificate is highly regarded around the world.

Hazemaker based on vaporising fog generator

Power: 1500 W

Fluid bottle capacity:5 litres

Control choices: DMX 512 + stand alone, timer

Warm up time: ca. 60 seconds

Instock now RRP $3495 Distributed Australia wide by Barbizon Contact Marshall Harrington on 0414 157 388 or email