TMB Proplex Gland Slam Cable Tournament!

Posted on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

2017 was good… 2018 will be epic!

Lexair Entertainment is pleased to announce the 2nd annual TMB Proplex Gland Slam Cable Sports Tournament!

A stand out feature of the Entech Roadshow, the best of the best will once again come together for this anticipated event! Presented by TMB Proplex Data Cables, technical athletes from around Australia compete in a variety of disciplines based on traditional cable skills to determine the best (and worst) all-round cable technician!

Remember your training as performance is judged on speed and neatness, with special skills emphasis on twist method, loop consistency and gaffer tape perfection.

Contestants will get the chance to show their superior cable rolling skills using TMB’s rock’n’roll-tough Proplex DMX Data Cable during happy hour every day of the show!

First prize in each city is the ProTester, TMB’s compact DMX signal and cable diagnostic tool! This handy little tool tests your DMX cables and displays the presence and polarity of DMX data, in isolation or while in use. Special prizes for runner-up and last place too!

Think you’ve got what it takes? Sign up at or on the day to show your skills and win prizes! Or just come along and enjoy the fun! See you at ENTECH!