TLS Production switch to Martin MAC’s

Posted on Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Perth-based TLS Productions custom design and supply lighting, audio, and visuals for large and small events including concerts, product launches, exhibitions and conferences, award nights, public, private and corporate events.

Their moving light inventory has traditionally been a competitor’s product but finally TLS have seen the light and opted to purchase Martin MAC’s! Last month they took delivery of eight Martin MAC700 fixtures plus eight Martin MAC250 Entours.

Production Manager Guillaume Laurent found clients consistently requesting Martin MAC’s and so, to keep up with technology trends, he raided his piggy bank and finally committed himself.

“The fixtures are great, compact and the price was right,” he added. “The MAC’s do what they’re meant to do. In fact I couldn’t go wrong with the purchase. The MAC700’s are being used for a wide variety of events and I’m really impressed by the quality of light that comes out of them. I’m quite surprised by the variety of looks I’m able to achieve with the MAC700’s, they really are effective.”

“The MAC250 Entour’s were certainly a welcome bonus!” he said. “They’re great for our smaller shows and like the MAC700’s, they’re very compact. When we picked up all sixteen of the MAC’s, I was able to fit them all in one one-ton van which was pretty cool and something I never thought I’d be able to do!”