There’s a light…..

Posted on Monday, March 31st, 2008

It’s astounding, time is fleeting and The Rocky Horror Show is back in a totally brand new Australian production at Sydney’s new Star Theatre. This production, directed by Gale Edwards with sets by Dale Ferguson and lighting by Damien Cooper, has received rave reviews in the press and continues to wow audiences.

The moving lights in Damien’s rig are mostly Martin MACs with twelve MAC2000 profile, ten MAC2000 performer, seven MAC2000 wash and eighteen Martin MAC TW1.

“I really like the quality of light you get from the MAC TW1,” he said. “It’s a quality I often find I’m missing with normal moving lights. They also have a nice clean fade to black. The combination of the TW1’s with the MAC2000 profiles and performances works very well.”

Damien found the new Star Theatre a fairly difficult venue to design for as it is rather cavernous and does not have a normal proscenium arch style. To compensate Damien had a proscenium arch loaded with camp light effects built into the set. There are rope lights, LEDs, festoon lighting but crowning it all are Pro Shop LED Tubes arranged in a pseudo-haphazard fashion.

“The ‘happy tubes’ are really quite good,” remarked Damien. “I’d like to use them on a larger scale one day.”

For control Damien was using a MA Lighting grandMA with a Catalyst media server. When asked why he opted for a grandMA, Damien summed it up in three words: flexibility, ease and speed!

”Usually I tend to use more traditional theatre consoles such as Strand but for this show I needed a console that could run the Catalyst, lots of LEDs etc so I needed something that could handle that kind of speed and processing quickly.”

Lighting was supplied by Bytecraft.