The Streamline Series of LED lights – a modular lighting revolution

Posted on Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Hotbeam – Pioneer in LED lighting has released the Streamline Series of table, floor and pendant lights in the Australian market. These products offer stylish design and an innovative modular approach to lighting. Lighting modules can be easily changed or added to the sleek stylish housing to vary the color and amount of light output. With very low power usage and a long life span, the Streamline Series combines aesthetics with sustainability in products suited to a wide variety of applications.

The Streamline table light is a versatile and stylish free standing lamp that will provide warm illumination to enhance the atmosphere. This lamp is composed of an anodised aluminium housing and high powered LED modules. The light measures 500mm high. The  Streamline table light can be used on benches, tabletops, side tables, etc.

The Streamline floor light fitting is an ultra sleek statement piece. The light measures 1600mm high. Like the table light it swivels on it’s base for easy adjustment.

The Streamline pendant light fitting is an environmentally friendly way to provide over table, bench and desk lighting. The pendant measures 1000mm. Not only can the light source modules be added and changed, you can position the modules to provide lighting exactly where it is required above the work surface or table.

The Streamline Series uses high output LEDs to provide lighting that consumes about one third of the energy of Halogen lights. These LEDs have a life span of 50,000 hours. The lifespan of these fittings is further enhanced by the modular design. Whereas most LED lighting has a lifespan only as long as the LED itself, the Streamline series light source modules are easily replaceable. This gives the Streamline Series real eco-credibility.