The Pro Shop LED Tube Light Wheel

Posted on Monday, June 20th, 2011

Lighting designers Mark Hammer and Andre Kecskes collaborated to create the Light Wheel for the 2011 Vivid Festival.

The Light Wheel is a deceptive play on the sun as the source of light, with Pro Shop LED Tubes creating a mass of moving patterns as this suspended sculpture animates itself and cycles through its colour spectrum with pulses and ripples throughout the evening. The sculpture runs entirely off one 10amp outlet using just the LED technology.

The forty-five Pro Shop LED Tubes, run in 48 channel mode, are fixed onto two circular trusses with a small mother grid.

“The inspiration was probably more from sun spots and the swirling colours within them,” commented Mark. “It was about the darkness and the light.”

The lighting was programmed on a lighting console and downloaded to playback through an ELC miniStore which Mark describes as a cool little unit.

“We’ve time-clocked the unit so it switches off and on,” he said. “Even if you switch that off it has the memory in built so you don’t have to restart it – it just starts on the loop again. That’s really handy and in all, it’s a fantastic unit. It just has one universe in it which is fine for this project as I’m not running media through the LED Tubes. My thoughts were to use just the colour looks, merging them together.”