The Palais Theatre opts for Robert Juliat

Posted on Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

The technical guys at Melbourne’s Palais Theatre recently decided that maybe it was about time they retired their 25 year old Berkey Colortran follow spots in favour of a newer model. After a good look at what was on the market and after questioning many follow spot operators, Technical Manager Adrian Smith knew there was only one option – Robert Juliat

“It’s been good getting into the 21st century!” he declared. “Not surprisingly, compared to the Berkey Colortrans the Robert Juliat follow spots are an absolute gem! Everyone loves them and they’ve been a huge hit.”

Adrian reports that his operators are thrilled with their three new Topaze follow spots especially now that they don’t have to ‘gel up’ their new follow spots.

“The Topaze follow spots are really easy to use and maintain,” remarked Adrian. “The guys love the fadeout action – the Berkey Colortrans had no manual fadeout and you basically had to use a shutter to do a blackout.

“They’re good to operate, fit the size of the room upstairs and the cost was good too. They’re a compact unit with a small footprint, a stunning light output and a great field.”

The Robert Juliat Topaze follow spots, supplied by Phaseshift Productions, are 1200w MSD follow spots with high-performance double condenser optical systems. They feature a 100 percent closing iris with backplate follower in a removable cassette, 100 percent closing mechanical dimmer and a six-way Boomerang colour changer system fitted with removable filter frames.