The Pak is Back!

Posted on Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

The Alpha Beam 300 produces a super concentrated near parallel light beam, suitable for the same usages as a Par 64 ACL, but with superior and innovative features. Like the other fixtures in the 300 range, the Alpha 300 Beam has a low power 300W lamp that produces three times the brightness when compared with an ordinary 1200W projector. It generates a tube of light with a natural beam of 8 degrees. With eight gobos, the Alpha Beam 300 produces a “long throw” that will break through stage washers and LEDs, making it the ideal moving light beam for live professional use.

With all these features, the Alpha 300 Series is the perfect choice for every sector. The entire Alpha 300 Series will be available for demonstration at Entech on the Lighthouse Stand (D24).

Visitors can also view and demo products from Opti-Kinetics, ChamSys, DTS and CLS-LEDs on the Lighthouse Stand.