The Met upgrades with Martin MAC’s and Atomics

Posted on Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

The Met is a purpose built, state of the art, entertainment complex and nightclub situated in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Since opening in 2006, the venue has become Brisbane’s hottest dance destination.

Comprising of three levels and five bars, the venue is 2,000sqm and can hold up to 2,200 people comfortably. The Met prides itself on a high standard of service and appearance with beautiful features such 24ct gold mosaic tiles and luscious seating.

When the club initially opened it was decided to use a hired lighting rig but the club owners became increasingly dissatisfied with the quality and reliability of this rig. Consequently the decision was made this year to purchase their own lighting and Josh Frey, who has serviced their lighting gear from day one, naturally turned to Show Technology.

Show Technology’s Queensland Branch Manager, Adam White, knew exactly which fixtures would be ideal for the venue recommending eight Martin MAC575 Kryptons, four MAC600 washes and a couple of Atomic Strobes.

“The size of these fixtures and the brightness they offer for their size works really well with the room which is quite cavernous,” commented Adam. “More points had to be installed into the room but other than that, the installation was trouble-free and I believe that the client is more than happy.”

Tim Snartt has been operating the lighting at The Met since May, and he was thrilled to walk into the venue just after they had installed a new rig!

“I was really keen to see what the new MAC575’s performed,” he said. “Due to the look and feel of the room and the height of the rig, I was mindful that the fixtures would have to be punchy enough to counter the dark walls and floor. I have to say I was impressed with their output. Even when using the really saturated colours, they deliver a great punch.

“I try to create a theatrical style of club lighting and the MAC575’s are versatile enough to let me do that. Both the zoom and iris allow me to get great wide coverage, when required, and then I’m able to quickly turn them into precise narrow beams for special effects. The four-facet prism is something I haven’t used before and it just looks amazing.”

Tim finds that using the four-facet prism with some of the line rotating gobos creates some really stand out effects. He also reports that the accuracy and response from the dimmer is spot on, whether he is doing long slow fades or snaps.

“Having the second colour wheel is great, it’s the next best thing to having CMY,” he adds. “It’s got a good range of really warm natural colours to some great icy blues.”

Tim reports that he has only ever had to do maintenance on the fixtures once and they barely ever need a clean.

“I’ve had some experience doing maintenance on other types of fixtures and it can be pretty painstaking at times, but with the MAC’s it is so simple and takes half the time because of the modular design,” he said. “I couldn’t believe how easy it was.

“As for the MAC600’s, their output is amazing. Most of the time I have to run them at 50%, but when I want to create a high impact look pushing them to full intensity really allows me to do that. The shutter speed on them is also great. They really let me add another dimension to the look and feel of the room. And the Atomics are always a great effect, especially when I am able to bounce between the two.”