The Met installs Martin MAC101’s

Posted on Tuesday, July 10th, 2012


Comprising of five bars and three rooms, Brisbane’s The Met sets to impress with a plasma screen wall, dancing cages, amazing sound and lighting and a world of luxurious booth areas for lounging.

Recently the venue took delivery of sixteen Martin MAC101 LED moving head wash lights from Josh Frey Productions and these join the Martin MAC600, MAC575 and Atomics already in situ at the venue.

“We wanted to give the club a bit of a refresh with the lighting,” commented Pete Smith, The Met’s music and technical director. “We’ve been open for a few years now and wanted some new technology.”

The MAC101’s are usually mounted in four columns of four fixtures behind the onstage mesh LED screen that is located behind the DJ position. In that position their tight beam emulates a big pixel to match the look of the show.

“I had seen this idea at a couple of concerts overseas and we thought we’d give it a go,” said Pete. “We wanted to try something different in a nightclub experience. The MAC101’s are a brilliant fixture – they’re quick, the colours are great and they’re very versatile. They stand up well against the other MACs. From behind the screen, the MAC101’s match the low res look of our content and the beams are fantastic.

“For special events we can place them elsewhere either as a wash or as a fixture-style light point of attention. They’re very handy like that and are so small and easy to move.”

Photos: Alex Singleton