The Martin Exterior 400 Range™

Posted on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

The outdoor installation market now has the best combination of powerful, compact and energy-efficient LED light fixtures to date – the new Exterior 400 Range from Martin Professional.

No matter the application – long or short throw, cold or warm white, dynamic or static color – the Exterior 400 Range does it all.

Exterior 400™
For lighting designs requiring uniform color washes at great distances, the Exterior 400 provides extremely bright light (4900 lm) at narrow beam angles. Great for lighting the tops of structures or reaching across long spaces, the Exterior 400 also broadens your choice of colors by mixing red, green, blue and white LEDs.

Exterior 410™
When closer distances, perfect color mixing at the fixture and no color separation is called for, the Exterior 410 steps in with very powerful pre-mixed LEDs. At 4900 lumens, the Exterior 410 is also extremely bright and uses RGBW color mixing to provide a wide and rich palette of colors.

Exterior 420™
If white light is what you need, but you want the added flexibility of color temperature control from warm to cold white, the Exterior 420 offers one of the most powerful white light units on the market, with the widest color temperature range possible.

Exterior 430™
Finally, for designs needing just one color, the Exterior 430 offers the choice of red, green, blue or white light fixtures.

With very low power consumption (max 139 W), the Exterior 400 Range is also the new leader in energy-efficient LED lighting. All fixtures include color calibration ensuring uniformity, a super rugged IP65 housing, and internal power and control.
Australian Distributor: Show Technology