The Land of the Long White Cloud gets Mistier

Posted on Friday, May 2nd, 2008

New Zealand is already known as the land of the long white cloud and now it’s even mistier with the recent arrival of the Look Solutions Unique 2 hazer!

Auckland hire company Oceania Lighting recently took delivery of two Unique 2 haze machines and Simon Garrett, director, claims that he is now a 100% convert to these powerful machines.

“The Unique 2 hazer is the best that we have ever run in hire in terms of low noise, output, reliability and control,” he remarked. “I‘ve tried lots of hazers and apart from our oil based crackers, had constant reliability problems. I‘ve got no complaints about our Unique 2 units.

I really needed a powerful water based option to look after singers for obvious reasons as well as the new generation data projectors as the AV boys were insisting on no haze.

“Control is reasonably intuitive and we like the Unique 2’s independent, variable adjustment of pump and fan combined with almost real time adjustment from the console. I was also knocked out by the sheer volume of haze they produce when maxed out – two units can do the deed in an arena. The features taken for granted like its higher volume fan, built-in timer and air filtration, have made our Unique 2 an instant request item and popular migrant to the country.”

Pictured are the Unique 2’s effortlessly providing plenty of atmospherics for Kiwi rock band Pluto.