The Deen’s Zone 2 gets the Lux treatment

Posted on Tuesday, December 13th, 2011


Lux Events in Perth has recently capped off its refit of Zone 2 at The Deen, one of Perth’s biggest pubs, with the installation of a new Martin M1 console.

The M1 console has been a favourite with the in-house operators, sighting its ease of use and plethora of buttons and faders as its highlights. Zone 2 is The Deen’s main room hosting bands during the week and DJ’s over the weekend, so a versatile console was called for. The M1 allows the operator to busk the show live seamlessly, be it a club night or a special live performance event.

Lux Events’ Josh Neufeld was tasked with installing the console, having only laid hands on the M1 the day prior.

“The fact I was able to pick up the console in a day and then program a full light show for The Deen is a testament to the ease of use of the console,” he remarked. “With the help of the video tutorials on the Martin Youtube channel, I was ready to program the next day on-site. Similarly the operators at the Deen have picked up the new control platform very easily.”

The refit of Zone 2 includes seventy-two Pro Shop LED balls, across three circular trusses, providing the room with a big look which was required to fill the large roof space. Amongst the LED Balls are eight GLP Volkslicht LED moving wash lights, giving great colour and movement to the rig.

The Deen’s in-house Martin MX-10 Extreme’s are used to create beam and gobo effects in the room. Lux also provided twenty-four Pro Shop Tricolours to light drapes hung around the room, as well as five of Lux’s trademark chandeliers, and four gold frame mirrors adding a ‘bit of class’ to the bar.

Two Martin Magnum 1200 smoke machines were also supplied for atmospheric effects, as well as a number of Pro Shop LED Par 36’s used to light the bar, DJ console and to act as truss warmers.