The Biggest Loser is the biggest winner

Posted on Friday, May 15th, 2009

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For the fourth year running The Biggest Loser series hit our screens yet again. The finale show attracted a peak audience of 2.33 million viewers and was once again one of the most watched shows on Australian television. Lighting Director for the finale show was Ian Anderson who is no stranger to live television.

“The design brief was to make the show elegant,” commented Ian. ” We didn’t want to distract from the contestants nor create television that was hard to watch. The show is about people looking a million bucks so the lighting had to reflect that.”

Ian, as usual, got together a mixture of fixtures that performed their own little tasks perfectly.

“I tend to pick the right light for the right job,” suggested Ian. “I used a mixture of Varilites, Macs and Selecon 80v fixtures. The 80volt units are my new favourite conventional. The level and colour temp work very well on camera. All of my key lights were 80v and most of the backlights were VL500 units also with the 80V source. We also used a special 80volt followspot that was secretly taken from another studio and put back under the cover of darkness.”

The inventory consisted of the following: 48 x VL500, 6 x VL2000 wash, 6 x VL1000, 10 x VL3500 wash, 26 x MAC700 Spots, 16 x MAC700 Wash, 58 x Honeycomb 72, 18 x Martin Stagebar, 48 x LED Tricolour PAR, 6 x Selecon 80volt Fresnels, 16 x Selecon 80volt Profiles, 1 x Selecon 80volt Followspot, 16 x 2k Arri Fresnel, 3 x Unique Hazers, 220m x 18” Box truss, 36 x Chain motors, 2 x grandMA consoles.

Lighting equipment was from Chameleon and rigging by Pollards.