The Bangles shine with Victor

Posted on Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

The 80’s just wouldn’t have been the same without The Bangles. Hits like Eternal Flame, Walk Like an Eygptian and Manic Monday continue to be played on radio stations across the world and are sung along to in Karaoke bars with all the giddy joy and effervesance that the Princesses of Pop brought to the masses of music fans back in the 80s.

Despite a traumatic break-up in the ’89 and just over a decade in hiatus, The Bangles are back and they are bigger than ever. 2003 saw the release of Doll Revolution, which received rave reviews by fans and critics alike, and the girls have been touring the world ever since.

A highly successful tour of Australia has just wrapped with Entertainment Installations supplying full production and crew for the girls at their Canberra Royal Theatre gig (pictured) as well as lighting for the Sydney Enmore gig. The rig included eight MAC700 profile, six MAC250 Wash, two Studio Due CS4, three Molefay 4 Liters, eight MAC TW-1 and a Look Solutions Unique Hazer. Also in the inventory was Entertainment Installations latest acquisition – two Robert Juliat Victor follow spots.

“We were looking for some more powerful follow spots to use when our existing 1200w HMI spots were not enough,” said Neale Mace, managing director of EI. “After a bit of investigation and discussion with James at Show Technology, we decided to try out the Robert Juliat Victor models.

“Our initial demo was a gig where the throw to the stage was about 50m and we used one Victor compared against one of our 1200 HMI follow spots. The 1800 MSR Victor easily out-performed the 1200HMI spots.”

Neale further describes the Victor follow spots as light in weight, easy to use, possessing excellent on-board dimming and he loved the fact that they arrived with a bunch of useful accessories including a T-shirt and gloves!

“We decided to purchase two2 units and have since used them on several shows with great results,” he commented. “They seem to “tick all the boxes” for a great follow spot – light weight, simple to operate, very punchy, great dimming and they just “feel nice” to use.”