The 2012 Swimmer of the Year Awards

Posted on Thursday, February 7th, 2013

The 2012 Swimmer of the Year Awards were held at the Melbourne Museum in November 2012. Event Managers Great Big Events hired production company Austage Melbourne to provide production management for the event.

Matt Wilson took the helm as Production Manager overseeing all technical aspects of the event including two circular projection screens, a widescreen three projector blend, camera crew, and audio for presenters plus two entertainment acts.”

Freelance LD Ben Webb was hired to specify and design a suitable lighting rig, and to program and operate the event. Ben’s rig included 10 x Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500, 10 x Martin MAC301 LED Wash, 6 x Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700, 20 x Source4 Jnr Profiles (w/ breakup gobos, 10 x Selecon Pacific 23 – 50 Profiles, 10 x Selecon Rama 1.2k Fresnels, 20 x Pro Shop LED Cans, 12 x Pro Shop LED Strips, 1 x GrandMA Full-size console, 3 x Jands DD8 data splitter and a DF50.

“I use Resolution X equipment whenever possible in Melbourne, and I was lucky on this occasion they offered me a free upgrade from Alpha Profile 700s to the mighty 1500s,” commented Ben.”Thankfully there was plenty of overhead in the rigging and power supply department.

“With an oddly shaped main stage and thrust, along with two other semi-circle stages, plenty of shaping and careful focusing was required hence the use of Selecon Pacific and Source4 fixtures. They offer very precise adjustments, and I know they won’t start ‘drooping’ when the yolks heat up half way through the event.

“It’s always great working with Matty (Wilson), he has an enormous wealth of knowledge and even under high-pressure situations I’ve never seen him break a sweat.”

Event Management: Great Big Events
Production Management: Austage (Matt Wilson)
Audio Visual Supplier: Austage Melbourne
Lighting Designer: Ben Webb
Lighting Supplier: Resolution X