Terbly QUAD 7 LED wash lights soon pay for themselves!

Posted on Friday, December 6th, 2013

Queensland-based Aisle 6 have only had their eight Terbly QUAD 7 LED wash lights for three months but already they have paid for themselves, according to managing director Scott Mullane!

“The Terbly fixtures have been performing fantastically,” added Scott. “We don’t really advertise rather relying on social marketing and word of mouth. The first show we used them on was the Australian Christian Churches State Conference and we had several enquiries afterwards as to what we had been using on the stage. Through that we secured three hires and so it has grown. They have been in consistent use on conferences, rock shows, school end of year award nights and now carols.”

The QUAD 7 is a high output QUAD LED wash light with a fixed beam of 8 degrees. Capable of an extremely wide colour range with individual control of the ‘outer’ or ‘inner’ ring of LEDs means this is a small stage look as well as an effective beam effect. Using the same 10Watt QUAD LEDs as the others in the Terbly range the QUAD 7 is ‘a mighty little light at a mighty small price’.

“We were looking to get rid of our MSD moving head fixtures in favour of LED for obvious reasons such as bulb life and maintenance issues,” remarked Scott, when asked what drove his purchase. “Initially we looked at the Martin MAC101 but the Terbly QUAD 7 was comparable – in fact we thought it was better. They’re RGBW rather than RGB and I think they’re brighter. Plus they are more cost effective.”