Telstra Tower Black Mountain

Posted on Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Rising 195 metres above the summit of Black Mountain, the Tower presents 360 degree views of Canberra and the surrounding rural area.

Now the Tower itself has become the view lighting up every night in a colourful display of illumination.

Raine & Horne Commercial Canberra, in conjunction with Telstra, have recently completed the Black Mountain Tower external lighting project using Show Technology’s expertise and their Studio Due ArchiLED lighting fixtures.

An investigation was conducted into alternative lighting methods during 2008 with an emphasis on power saving, reduced maintenance costs and the ability to control the lights by some other method.

Raine & Horne Commercial Canberra approached Affinity Electrical Technologies to better illuminate Black Mountain Tower with the possibility of using colour changing lighting. Their brief to Affinity Electrical included the necessity to significantly reduce the amount of power consumed to illuminate the Tower, the need to reduce the maintenance on the light fittings (due to the difficult access issues), and the ability to change colours for special events. So what perfect product can deliver long lamp life, minimal maintenance, low power consumption and also deliver millions of colours? A small size for easier installation would also be handy as would DMX capability. The answer is the Studio Due ArchiLED. 

The LED’s in the Studio Due ArchiLEDs are so bright and powerful they are ideal for larger colour flood applications such as Black Mountain Tower. The ArchiLEDs are fully IP rated, a necessity for this project, and have everything required such as the LED driver and power transformer on board. Furthermore its stainless steel construction ensures long term reliability in the most harsh of environments.

A Martin LightJockey was chosen for control and set to scheduler; this ensures that the lighting automatically switches on at twilight and then turn offs as a predetermined time.

Photos Veronika Sain